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Updated: 23.10.2018
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Structure of tourist accommodation covers every construction or furnished place, used for tourist accommodation according to its project and execution.

The existing capacity of hotels accommodations represents the number of places for tourist accommodation written in the last acceptance report or classification of collective structure of tourist accommodation, excluding the beds that can be placed in case of necessity.

The acting capacity of hotels accommodation (expressed in beds/per day) represents the number of places for tourist accommodation put at the use of tourists by collective structures of accommodation, taking into account the number of days opened in the report period, that is days when the placing of tourists was possible.

The number of tourists placed in the collective structures of tourist accommodation covers all persons (Moldovan citizens and foreigners), who travel to a place different than the residence place, for a period less than 12 months and spend at least one night in a collective accommodation structure in the visited place, the main purpose of their visit being other than having a paid activity in the visited place.

The overnight stay is considered every night, of each person registered in the collective structure of tourist accommodation, regardless of the fact that the person is physically present or not in the room.

Indices of net use of acting hotel accommodation capacity are calculated by dividing the number of actual overnight stays to the acting accommodation capacity for corresponding period.

Arrival of visitors in the country for 2000-2005 reflects the number of foreign citizens who made use of the services provided by the owners of tourism licences and accommodation units. Starting with year 2006 data covers the number of foreign citizens arrived into the country, for touristical purposes and who benefited from the services provided by owners of tourism licences.

Departures of visitors cover the number of Moldovan citizens who travel abroad and benefit from the services of tourism licence owners.
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