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Criminality in the Republic of Moldova in 2014
National Bureau of Statistics communicates that, following the data of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, in 2014, there were registered 41,8 thousand crimes on the territory of the republic, representing an increase of 9,5% as compared to the previous year and compared to 2010 period the crime level increased 1,3 times. Crime rates is 117 offenses per 10,000 inhabitants, compared to 94 offenses in 2010.
Investments in long-term tangible assets in the Republic of Moldova in January-December 2014
National Bureau of Statistics communicates that, in January-December 2014 enterprises and organizations all types of economic activities carried out investments to the amount of 20352,5 mio. Lei (current prices). This indicator is in increase with 1,8% (comparable prices) as compared with the corresponding period of the previous year.
Construction of dwellings in the Republic of Moldova in January-December 2014
National Bureau of Statistics informs that, in January-December 2014, 4,8 thou. new apartments with the total floor area of 474,7 thou. m² were completed from all financing sources, which represents 92,2% as compared to the corresponding period of the previous year.
Construction activity in entrepreneurship in the Republic of Moldova in January-December 2014
Turnover in trade and services in 2014
The European Union supports the improvement of regional statistics in Moldova
Today, February 4 2015, the project “Improved Regional Statistics in the Republic of Moldova” has been launched. The goal of EU assistance through the project “Improved Regional Statistics in the Republic of Moldova” is to strengthen the capacity of the producers of statistics, mainly the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) to improve the methodological aspects of regional statistics as well as their dissemination.
A new compartment in StatBank - Gender Statistics!
Most indicators in this compartment were calculated for the first time and can not be found in other compartments of the Statbank. Also, the indicators are part of the Minimum Set of Gender Indicators developed by the UN Statistical Commission. Data are available for 2008-2013 and will be updated annually.
Statistical Yearbook of the Republic of Moldova, edition 2014 was published
The present edition of the yearbook is organized in 24 chapters, and includes about 500 tables and graphics comprising an increased and complex volume of information from various subject areas: geography and environment; population; labour force; population incomes and expenditures; prices; dwellings; education and science; health protection; population social assistance; culture and sport; tourism; justice; national accounts; industry; energy and fuel resources; agriculture; investments in long term tangible assets and construction; transport, post and telecommunications; information technologies; foreign trade; retail trade and services; finance; balance of payments; international statistics.
The publication "Results of the sampling structural survey of enterprises" was posted
The publication presents the results of enterprises activity (including small and medium) received as a result of data processing of the Sampling Structural Survey spent in 2013, with application of sample survey methods. The Structural Survey contains a set of indicators, by means of which the whole industrial and commercial system of the enterprise is characterized. Analytical tables containing main economical indicators, including by types of activities, forms of ownership and size of enterprise are presented.
Publication "Territorial statistics" posted on the web page
The compilation presents statistical data in the form of tables from various fields: territorial-administrative organization, environment, population, labour force, population incomes and expenditures, dwellings, education, health protection, culture, tourism, crimes, industry, agriculture, investments in long term assets, constructions, transport information technologies, entrepreneurship. It is worth mentioning that the publication includes presentation of the main indicators in the form of maps, 46 in total, which makes it easier for visualizing.
Publication "National accounts, 2013" was published
The statistical compilation "Natural resources and environment in Republic of Moldova", edition 2014, published on the web
Key indicators, %
Population 3557,6 thou.
CPI 100,8%
GDP 104,7%
Industrial production 107,3%
Agricultural production 108,2%
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