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Freight and passenger transportation in the Republic of Moldova in January-May 2016
National Bureau of Statistics informs that, in May 2016 enterprises of railway, road, river and air transport, have transported 978,2 thou. tonnes of goods, with 2,6% less than in the previous month and with 22,9% compared to May 2015.
Average earnings in April 2016
National Bureau of Statistics informs that, in April 2016 the average gross nominal earnings constituted 4909,6 Lei, an increase of 8,5% compared to April 2015.
The evolution of industrial production prices in the Republic of Moldova in May 2016
National Bureau of Statistics informs that, in May 2016 the producer prices in industry increased with 0,3% compared to April 2016, with 0,7% compared to December 2015 and with 5,4% - compared to May 2015.
Gross domestic product in the first quarter of 2016
External trade activity of the Republic of Moldova in January-April 2016
INTRANET internal communication system of National Bureau of Statistics was launched
On 15- 16 June 2016, the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) toghether with STATREG and SIDA Projects support, have launched the internal electronic information system - INTRANET. This network aims to facilitate internal communication at NBS, especially, between central office and regional offices, providing information about the events taking place within the NBS, as well as about internal information, procedures, contact, methodologies etc.
Data revolution: that's how Moldova will achieve the 2030 Development Agenda
The Republic of Moldova has completed data mapping which is the backbone for the implementation of the 2030 Development Agenda. The exercise was organized under the leadership of the State Chancellery and the National Bureau of Statistics, with the support of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). Similar pilots are being organized in other seven countries, with UNDP’s assistance.
Training course on “Use of disparity index for regional development policy”
On 7th and 8th of June in the frame of STATREG Project, a training course on “Use of disparity index for regional development policy” was organized. The event was focused on developing technical skills of participants in order to improve their capacity to use statistical techniques to measure and to analyze regional disparities.
"Quarterly statistical bulletin, January-March 2016" posted on the website
The bulletin contains data in dynamics in the form of tables on main statistical indicators for years, quarters, months, which characterize the social, economic and demographic situation of the country.
The statistical quarterly bulletin "Main social and economic indicators of the regions, counties and municipalities in January-March 2016" posted on the webpage
The bulletin contains data in the form of tables regarding main statistical indicators of counties, municipality Chisinau, municipality Balti and TAU Gagauzia. The quarterly operative information is given on industry, agriculture, investments in long term tangible assets and construction, transport, work remuneration, demography, crimes.
Statistical publication "Agricultural activity of small agricultural producers in the Republic of Moldova in 2015" posted on the website
The quarterly publication "Social-economic situation of the municipality Chisinau in January-March 2016" posted on the website
Key indicators, %
Population 3553,1 thou.
CPI 100,2%
GDP 100,8%
Industrial production 102,7%
Agricultural production 104,0%
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