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Construction activity in entrepreneurship in the Republic of Moldova in January-December 2018
National Bureau of Statistics informs that, in January-December 2018 volume of constructed works performed under contract amounted 11055,3 million lei., increasing by 14,5% compared to the similar period of 2017.
Turnover in trade and services in 2018
National Bureau of Statistics informs that, in December 2018, turnover in retail trade registered an increased of 10,3% compared to previous month and 7,5% compared to December 2017. In 2018, turnover in retail trade increased with 7,6% compared to the previous year.
The touristic activity of tourism agencies and tour-operators in 2018
The National Bureau of Statistics informs that, in 2018 tourism agencies and tour-operators provided tourism services to 323,5 thousand tourists and excursionists, with 13,5% more than in the 2017. The growth of the number of tourists and excursionists was caused by increase of outbound tourism, inbound tourism and internal tourism.
Industrial activity of the Republic of Moldova in January-December 2018
Attendance of establishments of collective touristic accommodation in 2018
Statistical Yearbook of the Republic of Moldova, edition 2018, was posted on the website
The Statistical Yearbook is one of the traditional tools of official statistics, which allows studying the evolution of society as and is an essential foundation in the development of all public policies. The yearbook contains the most recent statistical data available in various fields, for economic and social characterization of the country in 2017, as well as the evolution in recent years of the main economic indicators. The Yearbook is structured in 24 chapters and includes about 370 tables and diagrams. Each chapter contains methodological notes for basic indicators.
NBS signed an Agreement on Statistical Cooperation with National Statistical Institute of the Republic of Bulgaria
National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) signed today, January 29, an Agreement on Statistical Cooperation with National Statistical Institute of the Republic of Bulgaria. The Agreement on Statistical Cooperation is part of the Association Agreement (Title IV, Chapter 6 Statistics) between the Republic of Moldova and the European Union, signed in Brussels on 27.06.2014.
Statistical Yearbook of the Republic of Moldova, edition 2018 was published
This publication contains detailed information on the extensive socio-economic situation of the country and represents a working tool for the development and preparation of the necessary development programs for both state authorities and local government as well as for economic units and other users.
The statistical compilation "Natural resources and environment in Republic of Moldova", edition 2018, published on the web
The publication contains statistics concerning the air protection in atmosphere, the use of aquatic resources, the existence of land and forestry resources, formation and use of consumption and production waste, protected natural areas, the association of hunting, violations of ecologic legislation. For the first time chapters regarding natural disasters and change of weather were included in the publication.
Publication "Territorial statistics", edition 2018, posted on the web page
The compilation presents statistical data in the form of tables from various domains: territorial-administrative organization, environment, population, labour force, population incomes and expenditures, dwellings, education, health protection, culture, tourism, crimes, industry, agriculture, investments in long term assets, constructions, transport information technologies, entrepreneurship.
Publication "National Accounts and Regional Accounts, 2016" was published
"Quarterly statistical bulletin, January-September 2018" posted on the website
Key indicators, %
Population 3547,5 thou.
CPI 101,3%
GDP 103,4%
Industrial production 103,7%
Agricultural production 102,5%
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