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Activity of technical vocational institutions in academic year 2017/18
At the beginning of the academic year 2017/18, the number of vocational technical education institutions was 86 units, including 11 centers of excellence, 32 colleges and 43 vocational schools. 46,6 thou. pupils study in technical vocational institutions, of which 13,8 thou. - in centers of excellence and 17,4 thou. pupils each in vocational schools and 15.4 thou. - in colleges.
Industrial activity of the Republic of Moldova in January-October 2017
National Bureau of Statistics informs that, in Octomber 2017, the industrial production increased by 9,9% compared to the corresponding month of the previous year, as a result of increase of the manufacturing industry.In the same time, the quarrying industry and the production of electricity, gas, steam, hot water and air conditioning supply registered a decrease.
Evolution of consumer prices in the Republic of Moldova in November 2017
The National Bureau of Statistics informs that in November 2017 the annual inflation registered 7,3%, including: food products – 9,6%, nonfood products – 4,2% and services – 7,9%. Also the consumer price index in November 2017 compared to Octomber 2017 registered 100,7%.
External trade activity of the Republic of Moldova in January-Octomber 2017
Labour force in the Republic of Moldova: employment and unemployment in the III-rd quarter 2017
"Energy balance of the Republic of Moldova", edition 2017 posted
This compilation contains detailed information on the creation of primary and total energy resources, distribution and final consumption of energy by main economic activities and branches of industry, as well as the characteristic of energy equipment: installed capacity of electric power stations, consumption of fuel for production of electricity and thermal energy.
"Quarterly statistical bulletin, January-June 2017" posted on the website
The bulletin contains data in dynamics in the form of tables on main statistical indicators for years, quarters, months, which characterize the social, economic and demographic situation of the country. Information on social and economic situation of CIS countries is presented. For the main indicators there are presented methodological notes.
The quarterly publication "Social-economic situation of the municipality Chisinau in January-June 2017" posted on the website
The publication contains quarterly statistical information which presents the economic, social and demographic situation of the municipality Chisinau. The publication contains statistical indicators regarding demographic situation, work remuneration, health, tourism, crimes, agriculture, industry, investments in long-term assets, construction, transport.
The statistical compilation "Labour force in the Republic of Moldova. Employment and unemployment", edition 2017 posted on the website
The statistical compilation contains information regarding the labour market in the Republic of Moldova in 2016, compared to previous years. There are presented data regarding economically active population, employment and unemployment by activities, age groups, sex, area, level of education etc.
The statistical publication "Aspects of the standard of living of population in 2016" was posted on the website
The publication contains information regarding main social and economic aspects which characterize the welfare level of the population, especially incomes, expenditures, housing conditions, availability of durable goods, household food consumption etc.
Vacancy: UNFPA and UN contracts National Consultant
UN - World Bank Mission preceding the development of the National Strategy for Sustainable Development "Moldova 2030"
Key indicators, %
Population 3550,9 thou.
CPI 100,7%
GDP 102,5%
Industrial production 103,4%
Agricultural production 103,7%
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